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virtual interactive model for turning ice into steam using an electric calorimeter

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virtual interactive model for turning ice into steam using an electric calorimeter
от Администратор Admin - Четверг, 6 декабря 2018, 00:48

Virtual installation «Learning the conversion of ice into steam with the help of an electric calorimeter» can be used. This interactive installation simulates thermodynamic processes that occur in real time such as: heating the ice to the melting point; ice melting ; heating of water to the boiling point; water vapor. To simulate these processes the relevant laws of thermal processes were used. The processes that occur can be considered in the idealized case when the heat loss is zero. And also in the case when the efficiency of the installation is different from 100%. The electronic model allows not only a sufficiently qualitative animation of physical processes but also quantitatively calculate quantities as: specific heat of ice; specific heat of melting of ice; specific heat of water; specific heat of water vapor formation.

The program interface allows you to set the initial temperature of the ice and the power of the calorimeter. The initial mass of ice has unknown value for the user specified with the built-in function of the random number generator Math.random(). Fuel masses are determined with the help of virtual electronic scales. The temperatures of ice and water are measured using a similar thermometer, the values of which are repeated in digital form. Drag-and-Drop technology is used to move the ice. The electronic unit is used to control the work behind the buttons "Start", "Pause" and "Reset". To improve the perception of virtual reality software animation of the ongoing processes and the sound of certain events are used. In addition, the concept of deterministic development of events is implemented in the performance of laboratory work, which allows the launch of processes only for a certain location of objects.